Nepal Wrap Up

Nepal Wrap Up

I didn’t get to climb a mountain but I did have a pretty good time in Nepal. It’s a great introduction to Southern Asia and I think a good stepping stone before attempting India. Nepal is a ruggedly beautiful country and I hope to one day go back and try doing the Everest Base Camp trek. My fitness is going to need a lot of work before I try that though.

Where did I go?

Kathmandu – 15 nights
Pokhara – 6 nights
Kathmandu – 3 nights

How Much Does 3 Weeks in Nepal Cost?

Nepal was technically one of the places where I spent the most money but the living costs were actually some of the lowest that I’ve encountered anywhere. If I hadn’t been getting a course of vaccinations and if I hadn’t been bungee jumping my total cost would have been significantly lower.


For most people you can get a visa on arrival. It’s a fairly simple process. Fill out the form, attach a passport photo to it and pay at the counter. At Kathmandu airport you don’t even need to fill out the form or have the photo because they now have these machines for you to fill out the details electronically and it takes your photo. Just take the receipt and your fee to the counter.
Visa Cost for 30 Days $54


Probably my favourite hostel of all time and the cheapest to boot!

Probably my favourite hostel of all time and the cheapest to boot!

It’s pretty easy to find cheap places to stay in Nepal. At one point I was only paying 350 rupees a night ($4.50). I did however splurge on a nicer hotel while I was in Pokhara for 3000 rupees a night, but it was my birthday so I felt justified.
Total Spent for 24 nights $262.35


Getting around is really cheap. I didn’t even feel annoyed about taking taxis anywhere because even with the unavoidable tourist tax the amounts were negligible. My flight to get to Kathmandu was also a bargain. Thank you Air Asia!
Total spent on getting into and around Nepal $131.81

Food and Drink

I have a habit of eating in more upmarket places when I’m in cheap countries. For one thing, a comparable meal at home costs triple if not quadruple the price so I’m living it up while I can. Also food hygiene is a big issue in this part of the world and I figure a more expensive place is probably more likely to take extra precautions to stop their clientele from getting sick than a street vendor. If you’re on a budget you can easily eat for a fraction of what I spent, just avoid salads.
Total spent on eating and drinking $272.23



This is where most people will push up their budget. I didn’t do any trekking while in Nepal but I did go bungee jumping and do a canyon swing which pushed up my expenses. If you do want to go trekking be prepared to fork out a bit of cash. You can pick up most of the gear you’ll need in Nepal and it’s probably cheaper than bringing it from home but the costs do add up. Add on to that the tour cost and it does make for an expensive trip. There are a few treks that you can do on the cheap. Poon Hill is one that you can do independently. Any of the others I wouldn’t recommend going without a guide unless you’ve got a lot of experience.
Total spent on the fun stuff $159.87


I had a pre-exposure course of rabies vaccinations while I was in Kathmandu which while maybe a bit cheaper than getting them at home were still quite expensive. I also got sick while I was in Pokhara and decided to visit the clinic since the symptoms matched malaria and I wanted an all clear. It was just a bad case of upset tummy and dehydration, the same as I went through in Thailand. In retrospect I could have saved myself the 99USD fee since I got better without any help from the doctor, but you can’t really put a price on your health. I also did a bit of shopping, Nepal was a bit colder than I was used to so I bought a few things to help keep me warm.
Total spent on the other stuff $476.01

Total $1356.27 or $54.25 per day

The Highlights and the Not-So-Great Bits

My #1 Highlight – Jumping off a bridge. Twice.

The moment I realised that I had survived a 160m fall.

The moment I realised that I had survived a 160m fall.

It was terrifying, yes. But it was still amazing. I doubt that I’ll ever go bungee jumping again but I’m glad that I’ve ticked it off my bucket list. Maybe I’ll do a canyon swing again… as long as someone pushes me ha-ha

The Worst Experience – Getting sick. Again.

I’m not sure which made me feel worse. The relentless fever, the tummy pain, the nausea or forking out 99USD to see the doctor and be told to wait it out and let it pass. I look forward to the day when I can eat and not wonder if it will make me sick.

The Strangest Sight – Cows everywhere

They just stroll along, not a care in the world. Cars have to dodge them because they wander along the road. Always give way to the cows.

The Craziest Experience – Holi

A fun day out with some hostel mates.

A fun day out with some hostel mates.

I think “crazy” is a pretty apt word to describe Holi. It is a day of colourful chaos and mad fun. It took weeks to finally get all of the dye out of my ears but it was definitely a memorable day.

My Favourite Photo – Baby Monkey at Swayambhunath Temple


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